Winning Strategies in a High-Cost Healthcare Market

Small business owners face many challenges in today’s competitive environment. We often hear of the burden rising healthcare costs have on a business’s sustainability, profitability, and ability to attract and retain key talent. Let’s explore some winning strategies that have been implemented by a variety of businesses across the area.

Five Myths Your Landlord Wants You To Believe

It can be difficult to discern fact from fiction when dealing with landlords. A misunderstanding of these key issues can have serious consequences for your practice. The following information should help dispel some common myths and prevent costly mistakes in your next lease negotiation.

What Really is the Annual Enrollment Period?

Hopefully, you have read my first two blogs that talked about Medicare Supplement and Drug plans and the difference with Medicare Advantage plan designs. The last of this series will talk about the Annual Enrollment Period and what can really happen here.

Equilibrium Markets in the Time of COVID

Over the years, Foster Group has utilized a number of mutual funds and exchange traded funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA was founded in 1981 on the idea of making academic investment research and empirically based portfolio management accessible to investors. In this article, Professor Kenneth French describes how markets responded to the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medicare Advantage Plans: What is Joe Namath Really Talking About?

In 2006, the Federal government created an alternate design in the Medicare market to complement supplement plans and stand-alone prescription drug plans. They’re called Medicare Advantage plans. Although the start was a bit rocky, carriers have learned and grown with their plan designs. Here are some of the most talked about design concepts of the Medicare Advantage plans.