Fitch Downgrade: A Closer Look | Financial Perspectives

Fitch downgraded US government debt from its pristine AAA rating to one notch lower at AA+. While this news may raise some eyebrows, it is essential to keep it in perspective. This week, Matt Moklestad and Michael Westphal have a conversation about its implications and the necessity of diversification.

8 Changes from SECURE Act 2.0

On December 29th, 2022, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act 2.0 was officially signed into law. The act includes 90+ provisions designed to help savers and people in or near retirement. Here are 8 key changes from the act.

Making the Best of It | Financial Perspectives

It continues to be a volatile period for investors in stock and bond markets around the world. And while the news, like the weather, has seemed a little gloomy this spring, summer is around the corner and maybe it’s time to make the best of it! In today’s edition, Matt Moklestad, Lead Advisor – Institutional, discusses tax loss harvesting.