Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

Investing is a deliberate act, guided by the overarching principles of enhancing expected returns or mitigating portfolio risk. Let’s look at Bitcoin to see how cryptocurrency might look like an investment opportunity.

Chart of the Month – Sept 2023

The current state of the housing market has left many puzzled. In a scenario where interest rates are soaring, one would naturally anticipate a decline in housing prices. Surprisingly, this anticipated correction has yet to occur.

Fitch Downgrade – A Closer Look

Fitch, downgraded US government debt from its pristine AAA rating to one notch lower at AA+. The Fitch downgrade serves as a reminder of the necessity of diversification, as no investment is entirely risk-free. 

Chart of the Month – July 2023

The latest consumer price index report has brought some positive news regarding inflation in the United States. Several factors played a role in the moderation of inflation.