Advisor Spotlight: Ryne Oller | Financial Perspectives

This week, Jason Brown is joined by Lead Advisor, Ryne Oller. Hear Ryne share what he likes most about his job, how his perspective has changed over the years, what he feels clients value the most about working with Foster Group, good and bad money decisions, and what he's hopeful for in the future.

Don’t Borrow from Your Future Self

While each person has different long-term goals, a common future desire that exists for most people is retirement. There's a day coming when you won't want to, or can’t, work anymore, and your income will need to be replaced. This is a huge “future self” liability that has to be considered.

Don’t Mix FOMO with Home Buying

For most Americans, their house is their most significant asset. But it’s also the most personal one. There's a lot of emotion inside those four walls. If you want to buy your first or next home, it’s crucial to have a game plan going into it. Here are a few principles to consider when it comes to buying a home.