Confirming What You Know

Even though I’ve been helping married clients with their money for years, I realized we needed help. Were we thinking about things in the right way? Were we asking the right questions? Were we doing a good job of listening to each other and respecting our differences? 

Bear Markets and Life Jackets

For anyone invested right now, it feels like we’re sinking. But just as boats have lifejackets to keep you afloat, your financial life should have its own lifejackets in place to help keep you from sinking in bear market times like these.

Do You Have a Financial Caddy?

A professional golfer would be incomplete without his or her Caddy. The same is true for you and your finances. I believe a good financial plan is incomplete without a Caddy, aka a Financial Advisor, to help you navigate life. 

What’s In Your (Charitable) Toolbox?

Our vision at Foster Group is to influence thousands of individuals, families, and organizations with wise financial counsel while encouraging the pursuit of meaningful living and generous giving. One of the ways we like to do this is by expanding our clients’ giving toolbox.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We live in a world where many people disagree on almost everything. It is easy to get caught up in our own heads, our own fears, or our own biases.