Six Key Ideas for Navigating Markets for the Rest of 2022

Over the next few months, both leading up to and immediately following the election, the winners and losers are going to seem omnipresent on the news, social media, even in the “entertainment” industry. So, here are six key ideas to keep in mind as you navigate the remaining months of 2022.

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your 401(k) Plan?

Do you run a small business that provides a 401(k) plan benefit for your employees? Do you ever wonder if you are following all the right steps to ensure that you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities as a plan sponsor?

Join Us October 20th for a Special Education Event!

Uncertainty is unavoidable. It's all in how you react to it. In this educational conversation, we'll talk with David Booth and Senator Bill Bradley about adapting and controlling what you can -- hearing personal stories about facing challenges and strategies they've developed to help make better decisions.

Iowa Income Tax Changes Have an Impact in 2022

One of the significant changes in the tax reform bill signed by Governor Reynolds on March 1, is the eventual elimination of federal tax deductibility for determining taxable income. Iowa was one of the few remaining states that allowed taxpayers to deduct federal taxes to determine their state income taxes.

Webinar: 401(k) Plan Fiduciary Considerations

Have you ever wondered what your fiduciary liability is as a 401(k)-plan sponsor? And if you’re taking the right steps to protect yourself? This webinar may be for you if you are asking yourself questions such as: What process should I use to make decisions about our 401(k) plan? Or how should I compare our 401(k) plan services and costs to other options available in the marketplace?

Happy 401(k) Day! Yes, It’s a Holiday!

Happy National 401(k) Day! As we take today to celebrate 401k’s, it’s important to consider the increasing challenges employees in our country face when it comes to retirement readiness.