Planning and Puppies 101

I bought a puppy back in April, and it has been one of the most challenging things of my adult life. Training a new puppy is hard work and takes a lot of intentionality and thought. The same can be said about building a financial plan. I have a few tips that might help others avoid my mistakes.

You Will Have Forgotten Monday, July 19

By the time you read this, you will have most likely forgotten today. My guess is that you won’t remember what went on this day. You might remember a feeling or thought you had when you heard what was happening in the stock market. But then, you sent an email, mowed your lawn, took your dog on a walk and ate something healthy, like broccoli, for dinner.

Medicare Advantage Plans: What is Joe Namath Really Talking About?

In 2006, the Federal government created an alternate design in the Medicare market to complement supplement plans and stand-alone prescription drug plans. They’re called Medicare Advantage plans. Although the start was a bit rocky, carriers have learned and grown with their plan designs. Here are some of the most talked about design concepts of the Medicare Advantage plans.

August 24, 2021 Financial Perspectives

Is it possible to be too smart? Can a problem or set of circumstances be overanalyzed? Is there such a thing as too much information? There’s some evidence out there that this is indeed possible! Kent Kramer shares our perspective on what’s been happening in and around financial markets recently and what we think successful investors should be thinking about – without overthinking it!

Google Maps Reminded Me I’m Not a Robot

At Foster Group, we believe technology is an incredible asset when it comes to planning and portfolio construction. We also believe that human beings are not robots and determining what to do with your money requires more than an advanced algorithm – as great and helpful as these are.

What’s Your Best Buy: Firm Foundation or Castle In the Air?

If an investor could discover the true worth of a company, a piece of real estate or even an idea, where “true worth” equated to the future value or price that others would pay, success would be almost certain to follow. Those opportunities that were priced significantly lower than the future value would be automatic buys. The one’s with higher prices today than the future price would be ones to avoid. If only it were that simple!

Earth-Bound Aces Strive for More Than Financial Flyover

Recently, I attended the Kansas City Air Show and witnessed the precision acrobatics of the Navy’s Blue Angels, a team of six intensely trained pilots performing incredible high-flying stunts. Foster Group financial advisors are not known for performing at 10,000 feet, but we are catalysts for positive life change and, unlike static aircraft displays at a two-day event, we will continue our work tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year.

Don’t Mix FOMO with Home Buying

For most Americans, their house is their most significant asset. But it’s also the most personal one. There's a lot of emotion inside those four walls. If you want to buy your first or next home, it’s crucial to have a game plan going into it. Here are a few principles to consider when it comes to buying a home.

Are Those Happy Tears?

Tears, bottles, diaper changes, onesies, little fingers, and strange sleep schedules – as many of you know, these are just a few of the things to expect when you bring home your newborn from the hospital. And here’s something else to expect: new tax credits! While I know good parents don’t have kids to lower their tax bill, it’s nice of the US Government to extend a bit of kindness to those taking on the heartache – and joy! – of becoming parents.

Cryptocurrency: Not for the Faint of Heart

Will cryptocurrency replace the $20 bill in your pocket? Will the decentralization/digitization of currency end up solving anything? Will it be of long-term value? Or will it end up being only a place for speculators to try and capitalize on the sentiment of others? Anyone wanting to allocate to cryptocurrency should understand the inherent uncertainty and volatility of this relatively new digital commodity.

Teaching Your Kids to Invest Early in Life

One of the concerns I continually hear from the clients I work with is whether the next generation can handle money well. The only way to know is to give them an opportunity. Helping them invest early and often will teach them discipline, patience, how to manage their emotions and the power of compound interest. All of it is essential learning on the path to financial independence . . . and many other things in life, as well.