Saving More Is Easy If You Eliminate Obstacles

I listened to a great show on the Hidden Brain podcast a couple months ago: Work 2.0 – The Obstacles You Don’t See. The big takeaway was that often the path to success is not about more motivation but removing obstacles. I think the podcast has had a big impact on my life already. Let me explain.

Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon and Wings Level

We often get asked by clients about different ideas they heard from a friend, a new exclusive deal they got invited into, or, most frequently, a specific company or stock that a friend gave them the scoop on. The reality is that a lot of the “great ideas and deals” never amount to any real return, and many end up going to zero. 

Meta Does Not Equal Value | Financial Perspectives

The headlines last week included “Faceplant”, and “Metaflop” following Meta’s disappointing earnings and new users numbers. As interesting as the metaverse may be, it turns out investors still want real world results when it comes to their investments.

2022’s Financial To-Do List

As we kick off 2022, many of us likely have decided on a few financial New Year’s resolutions. Starting the year off on the right foot is important to accomplish your 2022 financial goals. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning for the year ahead.

The Joy, Excitement, and Relief of Life

At Foster Group, we know there are more important things than money. There's the joy of providing a lovely home for your family. The excitement of an early retirement. The relief knowing that an unexpected emergency won't ruin your finances. At Foster Group, we're invested in the things that make life, life. And how to get there.

Financial Advice Is Useless – Without Empathy

Financial advice is useless - without empathy. At Foster Group, we want to hear your story. Your goals. Your worries about the future. Only then can we help you feel confident about all aspects of your financial life.

December 13, 2021 Financial Perspectives

Are you wondering what happened to that big tax and spending bill that was working its way through Congress, you know the one that was supposed to raise taxes on most Americans with incomes over $400,000 and invest heavily in various domestic programs? You’re not alone. This week Kent Kramer discusses what is in and what is out of the latest rendition of the Build Back Better Bill.

Let Charitable Giving Take the Sting Out of Taxes

Foster Group has a number of philanthropically-focused team members who can walk you through the integration of charitable intent with your financial plan. There are several ways to give, save taxes, help worthy organizations, and leave a legacy both through heirs and non-profit organizations.