Don’t Borrow from Your Future Self

While each person has different long-term goals, a common future desire that exists for most people is retirement. There's a day coming when you won't want to, or can’t, work anymore, and your income will need to be replaced. This is a huge “future self” liability that has to be considered.

Do You Have a Financial Caddy?

A professional golfer would be incomplete without his or her Caddy. The same is true for you and your finances. I believe a good financial plan is incomplete without a Caddy, aka a Financial Advisor, to help you navigate life. 

2022’s Financial To-Do List

As we kick off 2022, many of us likely have decided on a few financial New Year’s resolutions. Starting the year off on the right foot is important to accomplish your 2022 financial goals. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning for the year ahead.

2020 Foster Group Year-In-Review

This year came with a few surprises, to say the least. We didn't let that stop us from pursuing our goal of Truly Caring For our clients, our communities, and our team.