The Three To-Do’s in the Fourth Quarter

The beginning of the fourth quarter is a great time to check-in on your finances and make sure you consider planning opportunities before the end of the calendar year. Read this blog to see my top three priorities when it comes to fourth quarter planning.

Iowa Income Tax Changes Have an Impact in 2022

One of the significant changes in the tax reform bill signed by Governor Reynolds on March 1, is the eventual elimination of federal tax deductibility for determining taxable income. Iowa was one of the few remaining states that allowed taxpayers to deduct federal taxes to determine their state income taxes.

Barbell Portfolios Can Be Hard To Hold On To

Barbells work great at the gym because they put weight on a bar in such a way that it’s balanced, leaving room in the middle for someone to use it to workout. We often see portfolios that are designed like a barbell at the gym: lots of risk in one account and lots of cash or very short-term securities in another. In aggregate, it might produce some balance, but the reality is that it can create some real challenges.