Confirming What You Know

Even though I’ve been helping married clients with their money for years, I realized we needed help. Were we thinking about things in the right way? Were we asking the right questions? Were we doing a good job of listening to each other and respecting our differences? 

College Planning: Don’t Wait to File Your FAFSA

If the prospect of sending your child on their entry into adulthood isn’t hard enough, there is all the paperwork to decipher… the ACT/SAT, college applications, scholarship applications, and of course, the dreaded FAFSA!

Cheers to Johnny D!

Looking back on the six or so years I knew Johnny D, two big themes emerge from his life that are worth us carrying forward.

Cars, Planes, and Market Crashes

As a pilot, it's important to be prepared for worst-case scenarios (even though they're rare!). The same is true for your financial life. Having the right plan and portfolio can help you stay calm even when the storms come. 

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