Making the Best of It | Financial Perspectives

It continues to be a volatile period for investors in stock and bond markets around the world. And while the news, like the weather, has seemed a little gloomy this spring, summer is around the corner and maybe it’s time to make the best of it! In today’s edition, Matt Moklestad, Lead Advisor – Institutional, discusses tax loss harvesting.

Chart of the Month – June 2022

There are nearly two job openings for every unemployed worker with labor statistics showing 11.4 million job openings compared to 5.9 unemployed workers as of April 30, 2022. This mismatch between jobs and workers means that workers have options, including leverage to ask for more pay.

Roadtrips & Recessions | Financial Perspectives

The economy and markets are a bit like summer car travel/construction. There's a recession and/or a bear market in the rearview mirror, you're in one, or there is one right around the corner.

Bad News

Is the title to this blog supposed to be clickbait? Of course it is. That is the point of this blog. Bad news sells.

Investments Are Long-Term; Brackets Are Short-Term.

As the NCAA tournament wraps up, many sports fans are reflecting on their brackets, winning their office pools, and bragging rights with friends. Similarly, others focus on their investments and trying to predict which stocks will perform the best. We may think of these as two separate worlds, but there are numerous similarities between the two.

Chart of the Month – Apr 2023

"Why would anyone buy a 5-year bond at 3.5% when you could get a 1-year bond at 4%?"

"Why don't I put all my money in a 4-month T-bill and make 4.9%?"

Is Fear the Only Thing to Fear? | Financial Perspectives

Fear can grab us and demand a response, such that fear itself can become the real danger. This week, Kent Kramer explores how fear and bad news can impact investing and some simple steps you could consider to avoid emotional investing.

Chart of the Month – May 2023

In investing, a key consideration is the time horizon. There is a general perception that investing is a risky proposition, but this risk can be mitigated by holding investments for longer periods. 

Debt Ceiling Politics & Markets | Financial Perspectives

Politics are always in the news. Right now, we're hearing a lot about the debt ceiling and the need to increase the US debt ceiling so the government can pay their bills ... or maybe not. This week, Kent Kramer provides an overview of debt ceiling history and what we are seeing today.