Water Cooler Advice May Be All Watered Down

While executive benefits such as stock options, other equity compensation, and deferred compensation can be powerful accumulation tools, knowing how they fit into your overall financial picture can be challenging. 

Don’t Leave Your Last Round to Chance

I certainly would argue that building a business is more than just a dice game, but both involve risk. How you fill out your scoresheet in Yahtzee is a good example of what business owners might decide to do with their business profits.

Who Run the World? Girls!

Women currently influence nearly half the wealth in the United States and will likely influence 75% of the wealth by the year 2030.

Are Those Happy Tears?

Tears, bottles, diaper changes, onesies, little fingers, and strange sleep schedules – as many of you know, these are just a few of the things to expect when you bring home your newborn from the hospital. And here’s something else to expect: new tax credits! While I know good parents don’t have kids to lower their tax bill, it’s nice of the US Government to extend a bit of kindness to those taking on the heartache – and joy! – of becoming parents.

Maximize Your Limits

As many people are receiving their first paycheck of 2020, it is important to review your pay stub in order to maximize income. There are several changes you may want to make as we head into 2020.

Alphabet Soup

Many industries use acronyms. Financial services are no different: QCD, RMD, DAF, and IRA to name a few. They each have their own rules and guidelines. We enjoy working with clients on a daily basis to help make sense of these terms.