Meta Does Not Equal Value | Financial Perspectives

The headlines last week included “Faceplant”, and “Metaflop” following Meta’s disappointing earnings and new users numbers. As interesting as the metaverse may be, it turns out investors still want real world results when it comes to their investments.

Webinar: Uncertainty in Ukraine (and Beyond)

How do we deal with uncertainty in a globally connected world? Uncertainty is nothing new. It's an ongoing factor in global markets that can be embraced and often managed in investment portfolios. In this webinar, we will cover: potential impacts of Russia and Ukraine on your portfolio, the ripple effects of the war on inflation, interest rates, oil, and continuing market volatility, thoughts on what you could consider doing now, and updates regarding ongoing developments.

Q1 Wrap Up: Ukraine, Inflation, Interest Rates | Financial Perspectives

The first quarter of 2022 is in the books and once again, surprising events dominated the news. Russia invading Ukraine and the continued climb in inflation were the focus of attention and for good reason. In this week's Financial Perspectives, we'll take a look at what is happening in markets and the global economy and what investors may want to know.

How Can Investors Benefit from Higher Rates? | Financial Perspectives

With inflation and interest rates rising, are there any silver linings for investors? One DIY US government bond investment you may not have heard about will soon be yielding over 9%. This week, Kent Kramer takes a look at I Bonds, what is happening in markets and the global economy, and what investors may want to know.

Making the Best of It | Financial Perspectives

It continues to be a volatile period for investors in stock and bond markets around the world. And while the news, like the weather, has seemed a little gloomy this spring, summer is around the corner and maybe it’s time to make the best of it! In today’s edition, Matt Moklestad, Lead Advisor – Institutional, discusses tax loss harvesting.

Event Replay: Uncertainty is the New Certainty

Uncertainty is unavoidable. It's all in how you react to it. In this educational conversation, we talk about adapting and controlling what you can. Our featured guests, David Booth and Senator Bill Bradley, share personal stories about facing challenges and strategies they've developed to help make better decisions.

Poker Lessons. Expect to Be Surprised. | Financial Perspectives

Poker is great training ground for evaluating circumstances where you may have enough information to know the odds of success or failure, but not enough information to guarantee the outcome -- a lot like investing. This week, Kent Kramer looks at how understanding odds and probability can help make sense of elections and investment markets.